Monthly Archives: October 2013

Review: La Barba – Corojo

Anything retro or throw back is just plain awesome! Old cars, bobber motorcycles, punk rock and rad beards are a few of our favorites and La Barba Cigars fit right in to that style. La Barba is spanish for beard, and as Craig Rossi (co-founder of La Barba Cigars) put it, “Beards are just bad […]

Review: 90 Miles – 1980 Series

We love to receive cigars which the majority of the industry is either unaware of, over looked, brushed aside or haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy. Anytime we come across a newer boutique brand or any newer brand, we usually ask around and see what people have heard or know about them. The less people […]

Review: Draig – Cayuquero

Cayuquero is the second release by the Draig series. Last year’s Draig K was a great success and landed on a plethora of top 20 lists for 2012. Each blend by the House of Emilio company is an annual release from a limited amount of select tobaccos. Draig is a brand by Gary Griffith himself. […]

Poll: Which Cigar Magazine Are You Most Likely To Buy?

Review: Black Label – Lawless

Black Label Cigars or Black Label Trading Company Cigars (BLTC), are about as micro boutique as they come. Like we mentioned in previous BLTC reviews, BLTC only allows one B&M per state to carry their cigars (with the exception of Texas which has 2). Smart? Yes and No. Due to the extremely limited quantity produced, […]

Review: Cult – Classic

It took us a while to get our hands on a few Cult cigars. We have been after them for a while, mostly due to the style and presentation. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good cult classic movie? So why wouldn’t we love a nice Cult – Classic cigar? WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano […]