REVIEW: A. Flores – Gran Reserva


We decided to something a “little” more fun. If you read our reviews or follow us on Twitter (@cigarnscripture), Instagram (@cigars_and_scripture) or even Facebook (CigarsAnd Scripture) than you know we prefer boutique brands over all else. Not to say we don’t quite enjoy the big names of the industry, but we like to do things a bit different.

Most of you probably have a couple dog walkers in your personal humidor, and how long have you been picking up that same 5 pack? Our assumption, quite sometime. So we decided to actually review one that caught our eye a few months back.

CIGAR: A. Flores – Gran Reserva

BINDER: Undisclosed

FILLER: Dominican Corojo & Nicaraguan Habano

SIZE: 3.5 x 44 (unofficial) – aka “Dog Walker”


Amazingly, the A. Flores seems to have a quad cap on the head! This is something I personally haven’t seen in some time. The majority of the cigar is covered in a cedar band that has a red ribbon band around the foot. The band is classical with red and gold coloring. For a small stick, the presentation is large with a toothy structure, a few veins, dense body, and a great oily sheen.


Woods, cocoa and cream radiate from the body and foot of this little monster. The tobacco from the foot is very inviting and rich.  Cold draw is open and leaves notes of nuts, earth and a cream undertone.


First half brings chocolate, nuts and touch of spice and woods. The first few puffs are quite sweet. In the beginning the draw seems a bit tight but it quickly opens up. Smoke production from the foot and exhale begins thin, as the draw opens up smoke production from the foot lightens and the exhale become much more dense. For the most part, the burn has been nearly razor sharp.


A bit of leather, nuts, white & cayenne pepper, with a hint of cedar and cream all sit nicely on the palate. The second half, although spicy, is very smooth. Smoke production is absolutely wonderful and dense from both ends.  The draw is excellent, not too open and not to tight.


Though small, this little guy packs one heck of a punch.  Starting sweet, creamy and medium plus, this A. Flores transitions well into a smooth, spice and full bodied smoke. With no need for a touch up, great smoke production and plenty of complexity, you won’t ever complain about walking the dog again. If you can find them, pick up a box.

We received these cigars from PDR Cigars. Be sure to follow them on Twitter & Instagram at: @pdrcigars.


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