Review: 90 Miles – 1980 Series


We love to receive cigars which the majority of the industry is either unaware of, over looked, brushed aside or haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy. Anytime we come across a newer boutique brand or any newer brand, we usually ask around and see what people have heard or know about them. The less people have heard, the more excited we are to feature them.

90 Miles from Flores De Gonzales was one of those brands that drew us in quickly. Yes, the brand name 90 Miles was a large part. For those of you who don’t know, 90 miles is the distance from Floriday to Cuba. The 1980 Series is one of the blends from Flor De Gonzales that we were most ecstatic about getting our hands on.



WRAPPER: San Andres Mexican

BINDER: Ecuador

FILLER: Nicaragua/ Dominican


SIZE: 6 x 52


This is the second cigar by 90 Miles that we have featured that has a toothy appearance to the body. The seemless San Andres wrapper is a dark coffee bean tone with a very light oily sheen to it. The head of the 1980 Series appears to be a double cap. It’s not the most dense cigar but the construction seems to have some time dedicated to it. We did find a soft spot near the foot.

The 90 Miles -1980 Series is absolutely beautiful. The band is just gorgeous; large with a photo of an ocean at sunset and a light house in the far corner. Later over the top is the logo “90 Miles” with the rest of the band accented in gold. Below the main band is a secondary gold band that simply reads in black “1980 Series”.

The foot has an aroma of earth, woods, floral and a chocolate note to round it all together. The body on the other is not aromatic at all.

The cold draw has perfect constriction and should present a great draw and smoke production once lit. Woods, floral and sweet todacco are the first most recognizable notes on my palate.


First few puffs are quite sweet with chocolate, floral and touch of cinnamon as the 1980 Series begins. As expected the draw is quite excellent and the 90 Miles cigar is producing milky white dense smoke on the exhale and minimal smoke flow from the foot.

As I got more into this smooth first third the flavors become more bold; chocolate, cream, cinnamon and rich delicious natural tobacco. The ash is a mice bright white.


So delicious! The cream has decimated from the palate. A smokey note followed by chocolate, coffee bean, and cinnamon all join the party on the palate. The retrohale is incredibly smooth with a cinnamon note on the end. Later in the third the 1980 Series slightly transitions into a smooth “dark roast” coffee with a floral undertone.

The ash is still intact but it’s looking a bit questionable. The draw is a dream! It really could not get much better. The burn isn’t quite razor sharp but doesn’t require any touch ups.


The ash does fall entering the final third and brings a jolt of cream. Dark roast coffee, toast, dark chocolate, cream and still a floral note join nicely together making one delicious and very smooth smoking experience.

Somehow, the draw improves. Holy smokes! The burn even improves quite a bit and is nearly razor sharp.


Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this may have been one of the if not the best cigar I have featured all year. It has was absolutely enjoyable. Amazingly smooth, creamy with wonderful chocolate notes, I can’t wait to find another. The burn could have had been a touch better but with all that put aside, this was quite the smoke. Definitely box worthy in our opinion.

**all cigars for this review were provided by FDG Cigars.


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