Review: La Barba – Corojo


Anything retro or throw back is just plain awesome! Old cars, bobber motorcycles, punk rock and rad beards are a few of our favorites and La Barba Cigars fit right in to that style.

La Barba is spanish for beard, and as Craig Rossi (co-founder of La Barba Cigars) put it, “Beards are just bad ass”. How companies come up with their name and logo is always a cool story, for Craig and Tony it was a commonality between the two friends and co-founders.

“It was tough to come up with a name. We made it a homework assignment to come up something good. After a couple weeks Tony and I were brain storming together. Beards are popular right now and we both had a beard but we couldn’t just call it ‘The Beard’ so we went with the Spanish version.” as Craig told us.




BINDER: Habano Criollo

FILLER: Ligero Corojo

VITOLA: Box Press Robusto

SIZE: 5 x 50

PRICE: $8.00

Completely seamless, the Corojo wrapper on the La Barba is a light milk chocolate color and just slightly veiny. There is a nice light oil sheen from head to toe. Not a lot of tooth to the body at all, the La Barba is actually one of the smoother cigars we have seen in sometime. The La Barba has another distinguished feature, a double layer double capped head.

The La Barba has a small and somewhat simple single band in standard placement. The band has a red back ground with black and white accents. There is a straight edge razor centered with some rad design surronding it to match.


Most notable aroma from the foot is a strong, sweet, natural tobacco that over powers any other possible scents. The body is fairly similar to the foot with the same aroma plus cedar and nuts following.

The cold draw is a bit tight with cedar, nuts and natural tobacco. Slightly sweet and although a bit tight the air flow is still smooth.

By appearance alone I expected the La Barba to be on the lighter side of medium, at least in the beginning. All that was put to rest as the first few puffs are dominated by a black pepper with a cedar finish. This does last long and the profile quickly shifts; the black pepper becomes a smooth white pepper that is accompanied by cedar, nuts, and a natural tobacco with a sweetness to finish.

The draw is a bit on the tighter side with great smoke production from both the foot and the exhale. The burn began a bit edgy but corrected itself in good time.


The second third is quite a bit smoother and less spicy with cedar, nuts, toast and some nice ligero tobacco.

Smoke production is still dense even with the draw still on the tighter side. The ash is still in tact and it doesn’t seem like it will be falling on its own anytime soon. The began to wave and yet again, the La Barba corrected itself.


The draw is still a bit on the tighter end of the pendulum but not bad. Smoke production is dense and a milky white. The burn on this final third has been great and never once needed to be touched up or corrected.

The final third also adds some extra complexity as the flavor profile takes a bit of a swing; cedar, sweet leather & natural tobacco, a touch of molasses and the return of the white pepper.


Consistency with just the right amount of complexity make the La Barba quite enjoyable. This particular only had one set back, the draw never quite opened up. It is notable that the second La Barba we smoked was not quite as tight.

It was nice to be surprised by a cigar as well. In no way was I expecting the La Barba to be so full bodied and rich. The first third was more on the medium plus side but with every puff it began to grow in strength. It is definitely a sleeper and creeps up on you. Smooth, delicious, enjoyable and different makes the La Barba a unique smoking experience. Grow a beard, and do yourself a favor and pick up a La Barba.

To learn more about La Barba Cigars you can visit their website or follow them on instagram and twitter at: @labarbacigars .


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