Review: Cuban Stock – Classic

Any time a company in the industry uses or referrences “Cuba” or “Cuban” in their blending, blend or company name there is an automatic expectancy of quality, blending and construction, more or less, a classical style and higher level of quality.

Cuban Stock Cigars, previously known as “Crown David International”, has been established since 2005 with their main factory in the Dominican Republic. So what have they done for the name “Cuban Stock”? Everything in their power is the simplest way to put it. All tobacco for Cuban Stock blends are grown from aged Cuban seed along with being fermented, rolled and capped in traditional Cuban fashion.

As put by Yaniv Levy (founder or Cuban Stock Cigars), “All cigars are crafted for perfection”.


COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Dominican Republic


BINDER: Six Year Aged Cuban Seed Dominican

FILLER: Six Year Aged Cuban Seed Dominican


SIZE: 6 x 50

PRICE: $ 7.10


Let’s be honest, most cigars sold at a B&M are due to appearance. Whether that be the box, the band(s) or the cigar itself, Cuban Stock has hit each one of these avenues better than most. It would be no hassle at all to spot the Cuban Stock – Classic on a shelf from any distance.

One on the foot and another in standard placement, both bands on the Classic are absolutely beautiful, classical and highly detailed, creating one of the most eye catching cigars I have seen in sometime.
The dark and rustic maduro wrapper on the Classic , which is seemless and quite toothy, sports a very nice sheen of oil  adding to the already appealing cigar. The wrapper is also quite veiny, with one or two larger veins making a short run across the body. It is almost as difficult to explain the head of the Classic as it is the bands. It appears the had features a double and is so flawless and smooth, it was hard to find ends to the wrapper.

The construction from a pre-lit standpoint seems to be right on par with the appearance. Well weighted and balanced and not a soft spot to find. The Classic isn’t the most dense of cigars but is no where near spongy or soft.


Body has a strong aroma of natural tobacco, earth and a hidden undertone of sweetness. Natural tobacco aromas reign supreme on the foot followed by earth and dries dark chocolate.

The draw sends notes of the same tobacco found on the body and foot with earth tones in tow and a sense that I am about light a full bodied cigar.


The first few puffs have some strength behind them with dry notes of black pepper and full flavored tobacco to begin the journey. The first third is not extremely complex but fairly consistent with great body.

The ash on the Classic is a dark grey and seems fairly strong. The burn had a few issues in the beginning leading me to touch it up once or twice. A fair amount of smoke continually rolls off the foot while the smoke from the exhale is not overly dense or milky but quite plentiful. The draw has just the right amount of constriction.


By mid second third it is apparent the Cuban Stock – Classic is slowly increasing in strength, teetering on the side of full bodied. Still more consistent than complex, the second third hosts notes of dried dark chocolate, a bit smokiness led by predominant notes of tobacco. There is a bit of hidden spice as well that much easier to find on the retrohale.

The ash falls as we begin to exit this second third. The draw and smoke production are top notch but the burn is still slightly wavy at times.


Smoke production on the exhale becomes noticeably more dense and milky and the draw opens lightly. This is a much welcomed change and shift.

As the final third dwindled down the dried dark chocolate notes become a tad bit sweeter while the addition of leather notes make the Classic as a whole seem to be a slight bitter at times.


The Cuban Stock – Classic is very consistent, which in retrospect is not a bad thing by any means. Aside from the three or so times we touched up the burn, the construction of the Classic is spot on.

From the cold draw to the first few puffs, it was apparent that the Classic would eventually become a heavy weight in the full bodied cigar class. This would be a great cigar to end your night with a nice dark red wine to pair with. All in all if you enjoy full bodied cigars, you’ll enjoy this classical rendition by Cuban Stock Cigars.

If you would like to learn more about Cuban Stock Cigars or the Cuban Stock – Classic you visit their website or follow them on twitter at: @cubanstockcigar.


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