2013 Boutique Cigar Awards – Top 5 Brands


This was a very tough and yet simple list. There are so many brands making some seriously awesome cigars. So how do dwindle it down to five? Well, it was pretty rough. We spoke with friends, shops, bloggers and more and came up with this list. And just a little hint, each of these brands landed on our Top 20 Boutiques Of 2013 list.

Drum roll please….

#5. RoMA Craft


RoMa Craft creates some serious masterpieces with each blend. The passion they hold for their brand is not to go unnoticed. Check out their interview on Cigar Federation to see exactly what we are talking about. And much like us here at Cigars & Scripture, they strive to be different and have some fun like releasing the “Femur“. The Femur is a 134 x 10 cigar that lives up to it’s name.

What impressed us the most about RoMa Craft was the fact that they listened to their fans, retailers and others and went against their own beliefs by putting bands on their naked cigars.

#4. Guayacan


A little over a year ago Noel Rojas was making cigars out of his house, traveling the states pushing his cigars when Nate and Gary of House Of Emilio found Noel and cigars. Since that time, Noel has opened his own factory in Nicaragua and has not only continued blending his own cigars, but has also blended for Hermosa and the Limited Release, Cayuquero by Emilio Cigars. Pretty amazing stuff.

#3. Kuuts LLC.


Kuuts LLC. As a whole may not be new, but in 2013 they released not one, not two, but three new brands to the American market with Miro, Placeras and Zapata. Since their embarking in April they have already entered over 120 retailers and released the Limited Edition, Miro – Lancero. Kuuts LLC. was a simple choice for the list.

#2. Nomad


Fred at Nomad Cigars knows exactly what the people want, well constructed and flawless cigars. If you have smoked a Nomad, you know exactly what we are talking about. Nomad also had two highly anticipated releases for 2013, the S-307 and the extremely limited Lot 1386. Hopefully you were amongst the lucky few that got your hands on a Nomad – Lot 1386.

#1. Ezra Zion


Ezra Zion Cigars is a trio of guys that have quickly made a name for themselves and their brand with some serious force and passion. In 2013 Ezra Zion relaunched the Ja Mais Vu, previously known as the Inception, and had two new cigars, the Tantrum and the Eminence. Both new releases received incredible ratings through the year by bloggers and magazines.

Aside from cigars themselves, the trio was a huge part of creating Cigar Federation and are the men behind Blessed Leaf as well. Two online social cigar communities.

Be sure to follow all of winners on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and check out their websites for more on their fantastic cigars.


One comment

  1. I want to thanks to “Cigars + Scripture” for this high rating on the Guayacan. I, Noel Rojas, apreciate the effort and dedication you guys are putting on keeping the cigar industry running on the highest levels, We need people like you to keep in bussines 🙂 . Thanks you very much! i promess to keep making great cigars for all of us, thank you for the support. Please, send me and adress to my e mail so I can ship one box of Guayacan for your enjoyment. Merry cristmas from Nicaragua!
    Noel Rojas…”El Cayuquero”

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