REVIEW: Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro


Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro

Logo / Wrapper

Logo / Wrapper


               Like most people, I am usually attracted to cigars by the appearance of the label first, followed by the wrapper and outer construction second. With Kafie 1901 Cigars, this was not the case. Something about the cigar itself, immediately attracted me to the cigar and the desire to write on it.

                Yes, the wrapper and box presentation is beatiful and classic, but the cigar and its presence is astonishing and highly appealing. Kafie 1901 Cigars has done an amazing job at revolving the brand around its heritage and family, in fact, if you follow Kaife 1901 Cigars on social media, you will see the majority of their posts revolve around their heritage, past and presence.

                When I stumbled across Kafie 1901 Cigars, it was the Don Fernando Maduro Collection that immediately grabbed my undivided attention. Kafie 1901 Cigars creates the blend using a 5-6 year aged Cuban seed habano maduro, grown in Nicaragua and aged in Honduras. This process is not only taken on the wrapper, but the binder and filler as well.


Kafie 1901 - Don Fernando Maduro

Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro


BLEND: Don Fernando Maduro


WRAPPER: Nicaragua

BINDER: Honduras

FILLER: Nicaragua / Dominican Republic


SIZE: 6 x 53

PRICE: $ 45.00 (Box of 5)


Don Fernando Maduro's Foot

Don Fernando Maduro’s Foot




                How many times can I say it? Kafie 1901’s Don Fernando Maduro has classical and beautiful appearance that grabs you quickly and forcefully at first sight. It seems as most brands have an American appeal to them, whereas Kafie 1901’s Don Fernando Maduro has a traditional Honduran look and color ways. There are two bands on the Don Fernando Maduro; one in standard placement that has a black background with gold, red and silver accent colors and the name, “Kafie” across the middle. The second band is upon the foot. The second band is very plain, yet works well, it is a simple red ribbon.

                The wrapper is a dark espresso / latte color with darker, rustic shades. The construction of the wrap job is near seamless with one larger vein running the majority of the length of the cigar. There are also small veins throughout the wrapper. The Don Fernando is well balanced, dense and toothy with a light oily sheen. The head appears to have a smooth triple cap and the foot is in standard fashion.


Kafie 1901 - Don Fernando Maduro (Head)

Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro (Head)




                Seemingly simple, the body of Kafie 1901’s Don Maduro has a predominant note or earth with a slight bit of cocoa. The foot has strong notes of cocoa, honey and amazing tobacco aroma. My mouth is already watering.

                Cold draw has zero sweetness to it; hay, wet grass and earth lay on the palette.


First Third

First Third




                As fire and flame hit leaf, a subtle cocoa lands on the palette alongside a touch of grass. The first third consists of a very light and delicious natural tobacco. When smoked hot, the cocoa really takes flight. When smoked on the cooler side, the grass notes really come forward. On the retro, you capture a sweet bit, but mostly smooth tobacco.

                Kafie 190 Cigars has found some magicians to work in their factories, the draw is absolutely flawless and smoke production is incredible! Although early to call, the burn line is extremely on point. As brow leaf turns to grey ash, it still holds shape through this first third. Only puffs before the second third, the ash falls.


Second Third

Second Third



                Spice and cocoa begin to introduce themselves to the palette as I burn into the second third of the Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro. With a sway in flavor has also come a sway in strength. Kafie 1901’s Don Maduro has become quite a bit stronger, moving from mild to mild-full.

                There has been absolutely no sway in construction. Each puff still delivers billows of smoke. What more can be said about the draw? The draw has been more than enjoyable to this point. It seems the ash falls at the end of each third. I am actually ok with this, normally when the ash falls a burst of flavor follows.


Third Third

Third Third




                Entering the final third has been a struggle for my palette. There is no single or dominate note in the profile. A true natural tobacco would be the strongest note if I had to pick one, followed by white pepper and a hint of cocoa. Again, the Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro has grown in strength as it transitioned into it’s final third. The final third has begun to burn a bit hotter than the previous thirds and may be the reason for there being a very subtle note of leather on the finish. On the retrohale I found notes of mint or clove with a touch of cream and strong in spice. This was a strange mix that was a little sharp in it’s conclusion.

                Bringing the final third also brought the first touch up to the burn. Once touched up, Kafie 1901’s Don Fernando Maduro finished in professional style staying sharp to the nub. Even though down to its last leg, the Kafie Cigar still provides an excellent draw and thick clouds of smoke.





                What more can be said? Honestly. Kafie 1901 Cigars has created a marvelous smoke with their Don Fernando Maduro. Whether a freshman or a four time senior to cigars, it would be hard to complain about this wonderful stick.

                Presentation is large part of the industry. Kafie 1901 Cigars presents them as being true to their family and Honduran heritage and really have a strong showing of that in their appearance on the Don Fernando Maduro. Classy and elegant describe the image of this cigar well.

                Construction and profile of a cigar can really bring any smoking experience down; Kafie 1901 delivers well on both ends of the table. The only flaw that was found from foot to nub was a single needed touch up sometime into the final third. Ok, yes, the profile of the cigar was nothing to brag about, but the Kafie family prides themselves on being true to heritage. I believe they accomplished this feat very well.

                If you are in search of a go-to smoke while relaxing, look no further. Kafie 1901’s Don Fernando Maduro should have a place in everyone’s humidor. Well done Kafie family.


You Can learn more about Kafie 1901 Cigars by visiting their website, or follow them on twitter & Instagram at: @kafiecigars.


***All cigars for this review were provided by Kafie 1901 Cigars.***

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