Who We Are


Cigars & Scripture is a group for those who love fine cigars and the Lord Jesus Christ.  We smoke and review cigars and promote positive messages and words of encouragement.

All reviews and features posted are done by the Cigars & Scripture staff and is a personal assessment on each cigar.  In no way will any review or feature be dishonest regardless if the cigars are purchased by our staff or given to the staff by the specific cigar company.  In the event that a cigar or cigar accessory is given to the staff of Cigars & Scripture for review in no way will it ensure a positive review or show any favor to said company.

At Cigars & Scripture we know that there are plenty of other cigar blog, review, and media sites. We are stoked just to have you visit our page. We like to do things a little bit different than the rest of the industry, we want to make every article, review, and feature as fun as possible.

Cigars & Scripture also believes in home town heros, buying local, and supporting those who support the industry and the little guys. These reasons are why we have such a strong focus on boutique brands. We know you can find a review on the big brands and major releases at any blog and magazine. At C&S we are going to show you the hard to finds, the small batch only companies, the passion of the industry.

Why don’t we do a rating system? Simple, we believe in the “Old School” system where companies were excited over a rating in the high 80’s. And, we don’t want people judging each product simply by a rating, we want our readers to actually, READ!

Join the conversation and let us know what cigars you would like to see featured or just what’s on your mind:

twitter: @cigarnscripture

Instagram: @cigars_and_scripture

Email: Cigars_and_Scripture@aol.com



  1. Michael · · Reply

    You guys should review some Romeo y Julieta 🙂

    1. @michael: I think we can make that happen. 😏

  2. Hey I just wanted to say that I love your site and would be interested in contributing or maybe doing some collaboration because I really think jesus is going to do and is doing big things in the cigar world and it’s cool seeing people openly dedicated to evangelical vids with cigars there too! Anyways god bless and keep rocking!

    1. James, thank you. Shoot us an email if you could.

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