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REVIEW: Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro

  Kafie 1901 – Don Fernando Maduro                  Like most people, I am usually attracted to cigars by the appearance of the label first, followed by the wrapper and outer construction second. With Kafie 1901 Cigars, this was not the case. Something about the cigar itself, immediately attracted me to the cigar and the […]

Review: Ezra Zion – FHK

  REVIEW: EZRA ZION – FHK                    New Years Eve I was driving from Phoenix to the Temecula Valley, located in Southern California, when my phone lit up with an alert from my GMail account. Immidiately, I pulled over to check the news. Kyle (co-counder of Ezra Zion Cigars) had sent me a press […]

REVIEW: Drew Estate – Undercrown DOGMA

                      Drew Estate has one of the most reputable names in the industry. A well deserved reputation at that. Since it’s launch, the Undercrown series has been one of the best selling cigars on the market. In the past couple years we have also seen a growth in online cigar social media. Of the large […]

REVIEW: Rodrigo Cigars – La Fortaleza

                    If there is one thing we love at Cigars & Scripture , it’s a good story. Something that you can learn from, and yet, is compelling. George Rodriguez (President & Founder of Rodrigo Cigars) has a pretty cool story of, “How it all began”.                 George Rodriguez was an aficionado looking to the […]

REVIEW: FQ Cigars – Phenom No. 3

                    We at C&S are always on the hunt for new boutique lines, blends and brands. When Matthew Hunt (Founder) contacted us, our ears perked up. I got the opportunity to meet with Matt at local lounge here in Burbank, CA. Matt is one of the coolest cats you will meet; humble, nice, […]

REVIEW: Desiena Cigars – 312

                      DeSiena Ciagrs is about as close to the “boutique” title as you can get. A small production company with one blend (312) and five (5) vitolas. DeSiena Cigars has a simple and perfect goal and philosophy; “produce a consistent burning smoke, time and time again.”                 Rather than focusing on packaging, […]