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REVIEW: Drew Estate – Undercrown DOGMA

                      Drew Estate has one of the most reputable names in the industry. A well deserved reputation at that. Since it’s launch, the Undercrown series has been one of the best selling cigars on the market. In the past couple years we have also seen a growth in online cigar social media. Of the large […]

REVIEW: Rodrigo Cigars – La Fortaleza

                    If there is one thing we love at Cigars & Scripture , it’s a good story. Something that you can learn from, and yet, is compelling. George Rodriguez (President & Founder of Rodrigo Cigars) has a pretty cool story of, “How it all began”.                 George Rodriguez was an aficionado looking to the […]

Review: Ezra Zion – Tantrum

                  Personally, I am not a very big fan of hype. Hype seems to meen one of two things in the cigar industry; 1. The cigar really is pretty amazing or 2. The cigar needs the hype and people jumped on the band wagon. Usually, we at C&S try and avoid doing a review […]

PRESS: Bodega Premium Blends Partners with ICON MANN™ for Pre-Oscar Dinner Experience

BODEGA PREMIUM BLENDS ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH ICON MANN™ FOR 2ND ANNUAL “POWER 50” PRE-OSCAR DINNER EXPERIENCE Los Angeles  – February 20, 2014 – Bodega Premium Blends @BodegaCigars todayannounced their support of ICON MANN™ and the 2nd Annual pre-Oscar event.  ICON MANN™ is the leading lifestyle media company “championing the accomplishments and positive dialog surrounding the Diaspora of Black […]

2013 Boutique Cigar Awards – Top 20 Of 2013

It was been an incredible year for Boutique cigars and companies. There were so many new companies and new blends that made creating this list one hefty task. This list took our team of four of a month to compile. So how did we make these choices? The blend had to be released in 2013 […]

2013 Boutique Cigar Awards – Top 5 Brands

This was a very tough and yet simple list. There are so many brands making some seriously awesome cigars. So how do dwindle it down to five? Well, it was pretty rough. We spoke with friends, shops, bloggers and more and came up with this list. And just a little hint, each of these brands […]