SCRIPTURE: Psalm 34:4

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears.”

Think of what you fear the most. Go ahead, I’ll wait…….

Had enough time? I hope you didn’t come up with a spider or clowns or skydiving orsomething of that nature. I mean a real fear. Come up with something good? Think about why you fear that so much. What created that fear? What keeps you fearing it? Be truthful with yourself.

My fear is easy. I lost my best friend, my hero, someone I looked up to and inspired to be one day…. My dad. I was 12 and we did everything together. Raced motocross, BMX, snowboarding, he was my soccer and baseball coach etc.. Now as a father myself, I have fears I never knew exist. I fear my boys missing out on the same things I did growing up with out my dad.

Anytime I would feel lost or that everything was over I would get deep in to prayer and the Word just as my dad taught me.

I have adult fears now as well. Some that I think most of us deal with as humans, failure. How many people came up with fearing failing at something? Your marriage? Your job? School? I fear failing at all these things.

But why do we fear nothing but ourselves? We fear because its an emotion. But God can help us control such a silly fear.

Think of when you were learning to swim. I was at my grandma’s house in Orange County California. It was my first time without wearing those orange floatable rings that go on either arm and my dad was standing in the shallow end. He continually asked me if I trusted him. Of course I did. He had proved to me plenty of times he wouldn’t allow me to get too injured (we had a few instances on bikes that didn’t turn out so hot). So, because I had faith that my dad would either catch me or pull me up once I guzzled half the pool down my lungs, I jumped. He didn’t catch me. Nor did he pull me up. I went all the way to the bottom, a whole 3.5 feet down, and I swam back up on my own.

The fear of the water and the fear of not trusting myself was gone. So why don’t we trust in ourselves and in the Father to help us swim.

The word tells us time and time again that we have nothing to fear but the Lord. If we pray and ask for strength the Lord will give us strength. If we ask for the courage to make that leap into our bosses office, into that new career, into that relationship, the Lord will give us what we need. If we begin to drown He will be there to pull us out of the deep and guide us.

I’m going to challenge each and everyone of you who read this. Pray for strength. Pray for courage. Pray God will bring you a new challenge that you have feared and that He will guide you to overcome it. Jump into the deep end. Trust in the Father.

Until next week my friends,

Burn Slow & God Bless.

-Ryan Tarter


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